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Hello! Thank you for visiting my little blog. My name is Cat, pleased to meet you (virtually). At least I assume we haven't met as you have clicked the 'About Me' button. (Mum, if this is you, you don't need to read this bit.)

The Corporate Stuff

I started a blog way way back in 2014 when I decided I needed to do something to make my life a little less taxman, a little more paperback writer. Four years later I am having a little rebrand, basically because some of my earlier posts make me embarrassed to know myself (and do not even MENTION the photography - shaky digital cameras were my area of expertise). So this is my newly designed lifestyle blog! Welcome. 

If you want to work with me please email me or head over to my Contact Page. I love hearing from everyone so please leave me blog/Instagram/Twitter comments or email me (catscruseuk@gmail.com) and I promise I will get back to you!

 My blog title is just my name. Actually I am married but I use my maiden name for writing - mostly so that if I ever win a prize for writing or become editor of Vogue, people I didn't like at school will know it is me, but also because Cruse is a cooler surname than my married name (don't tell my husband this).

I have an English Literature degree from Royal Holloway (where I eternally daydream of returning for one more student union night out...sigh, I am old) and I now work in tax training. Don't email me about doing your end of year tax return - trust me when I say you do not want this.

The Less Corporate Stuff

I live in London just like everyone else (or so it seems when you're looking for a table in a pub on a Thursday night...) I love London and my little flat although I also harbour dreams of living on a farm with seven chickens.

I am 31 going on 18. Refusing to accept 3 glasses of wine can give me a hangover on a school night since 2014.

If I am sad you can cheer me up with a good TV documentary (ideally true crime), a caramel latte, photos of puppies, a long walk ending in the pub with a cold white wine, or a conversation about the whereabouts of Lord Lucan. I also like festivals, park runs so I can eat my weight in cheesy pasta, and arguing about politics when I'm half cut.

I really don't like: the Kardashians, Piers Morgan, people who overshare on Facebook especially with photos of their children in the bath, people who flake on nights out when they KNOW you're excited, pub quizzes that have an extra round at the end (sorry - it's not enough that I've won a 5 round quiz, I now have to play the Price Is Right to win a £20 bar tab?) and cafes that serve own brand tomato ketchup in Heinz tomato ketchup bottles (it's the lies, it's the lies I can't stand).

I dream of living in San Diego, surfing every day and braiding people's hair for a living. My favourite place in England is Polzeath Beach in Cornwall. I have so many clothes that I have to keep some at my parents' house to stop my husband divorcing me. I am geographically challenged and if you turn me around on my own street I will probably get lost immediately.

Want to know more - read the blog! I hope you enjoy!

You can find me on Twitter or Instagram!

I am a PR friendly blogger

If you are a PR company and you have an event or a product you think I should review, by all means contact me at catscruseuk@gmail.com. All my reviews will, obviously, be my own honest opinions. 

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