Monday, 3 December 2018

Blog Relaunch


It's been a while, but I'm glad you came (I'm singing Britney Spears 'Break The Ice' now. This 'keeping it concise' thing is going really well so far). 

If you used to read my old blog and you have clicked on this post (either from Insta or because I slyly shifted all my old followers over to my new URL without you noticing) then thank you. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for sticking around and still being a little bit interested in my incoherent ramblings. And if you are new then HI, if you want you can follow me too. You can just subscribe via email in the side bar and then you will never miss a post! And if you clicked on this link because you thought 'Catscruse' meant 'Cat screws' and that this was a porn site then sorry you are going to be quite disappointed. Thank u, next. (I don't really know what that means I just wanted to sound like I was down with the kids) (I'm not). 

So I thought for those of you who did follow my old blog I would start by doing a little 'where have I been' piece. If this is boring do feel free to skip over it and I will write something more fun soon, I promise. But here goes.

I never really made a conscious decision to give up blogging. 

The last post I published on my old blog was in February, although it wasn't actually the last post I wrote. I had just been to Bruges and I wrote that up (if you're feeling like you missed out then to sum up, Bruges is nice but touristy and I accidentally spent ten euros on a hot chocolate) but I never posted it, and then I started writing up a post about becoming a vegetarian but never finished it, and then I just never posted again, and around May time I took the blog down in its entirety. 

There were a lot of reasons for that. Firstly, I'd had my blog since 2013. You know sometimes you get a notification that you have a Facebook memory, and you read some status update or post you made to your friends when you were a.) 21 and b.) drunk, and it kind of makes you want to set yourself on fire because you're basically embarrassed to know yourself? Well - not to be dramatic, but almost all my early posts made me feel like that. Not that I wrote them drunk (sadly I do not have that excuse), but they just weren't very good, and the photos look like they were taken through some 50 denier tights, and even if you disagree, they just didn't reflect what I wanted my blog to look like now. 

Not only that, but the URL was five years old and I'd probably changed my layout three or four times during that time, which maybe doesn't sound like a lot, but in Internet years that's basically older than your great granddad and it made the whole thing pretty glitchy. It meant writing a post and uploading a photo wasn't simple because everything was so sloooow, like when you used to load the Sims and it would be reticulating splines for half your life. 

So I knew I needed to do a massive overhaul but I also knew that would take a lot of work and I just couldn't find the inclination to do it. The reason for that really was that I hadn't been enjoying blogging that much. I worked with a lot of brands by this point so a lot of my posts were either sponsored or I was writing about products had been sent to me for review, which was great, but meant I was posting out of obligation. I hadn't written a post just for the sake of it for quite a long time. I also felt like Instagram, which barely existed when I started blogging in 2013, had spiralled into this huge thing that I couldn't quite get a hold of. I started blogging because I liked writing, not because I wanted to take photos of myself by flower displays outside London restaurants, but at some point the two things seemed to become synonymous (I am still mildly baffled by this). There was this whole expectation around being a 'lifestyle blogger' that I didn't connect with and didn't especially want to do. 

It was only towards the end of this year, when I didn't get invited to any brand Christmas events realised how much I missed writing, that I started to think about how maybe I could blog again, but in a different way. I really have missed having somewhere to share my thoughts on things, but rather than writing 3-4 pieces a week I'm not happy with, I want to write pieces I am proud to share - as and when they come to me. So it will be more curated (god, there just isn't a way to make this not sound wanky, is there?) but it will also be cleaner and easier to navigate and I hope you like it and keep reading when I do post, however often that may be. 

So after a lot of work, a new URL (THAT is complicated and essentially I think I am a coder now), a new layout and a hell of a big spring clean, here we are! The posts I have kept live are my favourites and ones that I think reflect the type of posts I will be writing from now on. So I will still be doing brand collaborations and sponsored posts because that is just part and parcel of blogging, but I will mostly just write what I want when I want. 

I feel like I have been rambing on now for roughly 100 hours, so well done if you have made it this far and please do stick around, I promise it will get a little more interesting than this! And to any brands who used to work with me, HI, hit a girl up. Haha. 


Cat x


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