Wednesday, 12 April 2017

So Eco Brushes Review

Since watching a number of horrible TV programmes that focus on what we are doing to our environment (Vegucated, I’m looking at you) I have turned vegetarian. I KNOW. I used to eat steak for breakfast. But whatever. I am also doing a lot more generally to try and live a little more sustainably - cutting down on plastic, consciously recycling, still not driving a 4x4. You know the sort of thing.

Since it seems somewhat pointless to do that and then just like, brush pollution onto your face, I was excited when So Eco got in touch about their new natural make up brushes.

Isn’t it nice to know that the brushes you use on your face every day are completely natural? I mean, you are literally using them to brush your FACE. Would you brush your face with, say, the carcass of a dead fox? No. (I wish I hadn't typed that, it's made me feel a bit sick - but you get my point).

You don't have to worry about dead fox juice (STOP) with So Eco, as their brushes are 100% ethically sourced – including their packaging and transit. The brush handles are made from bamboo and recycled aluminium. In short, they’re made from plants! (And plants DON'T feel pain. Don't make a TV show about that, Netflix).

My concern when receiving these brushes – I got the stippling brush and the bronzing brush – was that they might be a bit rubbish, or harsh on your skin. But in actual fact, not only are they absolutely beautiful, with wooden and rose gold handles  – they’re genuinely the softest brushes I’ve ever felt. Less like dead fox, more like soft fluffy (alive) bunny rabbit.

Designed so that you can see how much product you have on your brush, I’ve found the powder brush works really well for both powdering and also bronzer, which I tend to wear all over the skin. It’s big and soft and fluffy and you really can see how much bronzer you’ve got on the brush so you don’t get accidental oompa-loompa face. And the stippling brush is fantastic for blusher – again, being able to see how much product you’ve picked up is great, and the different lengths of the brush really help with application. I am not a make up artist and I used to think brushes were all much of a muchness and buy the 99p ones in Boots, but honestly, they make a huge difference and it really is worth investing a bit more in some nice ones which you can wash (hahaha like once a year maybe) and use for a really long time.

Overall I’m so pleased with these brushes and I’m 100% planning on picking up some more. Do you have any natural make up you can recommend me? 


  1. Great post! I am trying to find some new brushes; would love to try new ones out. I really care about how harsh they are on your skin so great point to make!

    I would love for you to check my page out as well! Just getting back into blogging!


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