Tuesday, 13 September 2016

10 things to love about hen dos

A few weeks ago I went to a brilliant hen do.

We had a buffet and prosecco and played stupid games on the Friday night. A spa, including a hot lava shell massage (best. thing. EVER) on the Saturday, followed by cocktail making and a night out. Then waffles with bacon on the Sunday.

It was an absolutely textbook hen do, the type I feel now gets a really bad rep and I can't work out why. So if you've got a hen do coming up and you're dreading it right now, here's 10 things to get excited about... 

Beautiful bride, short stunted friend (me)

1. It's basically just an excuse for a girl's holiday. I love spending time with my girlfriends and to be honest, as time goes on and we all partner off, move away and get scary-sounding job titles, the times we get to spend on our own are few and far between. Hen dos for me are reminiscent of the free and easy, constantly-cry-laughing holidays we all went on when we were younger, except now there’s no pressure to pull some sunburnt Liverpudlian bloke at the back of a manky nightclub, and for that I am eternally grateful. But really, the morning of the second day of my hen do – when we went swimming and I absolutely lost control laughing to the point where I thought I might drown – stands out as one of the best moments from last year. I wouldn’t have missed that for the world.

2. Getting to go to a spa on a random weekend in mid summer and not even feeling guilty about it, or thinking that you should really save that £75 and spend it on groceries or a new iron or put it towards a mortgage you will never get or something. You have to go and let a softly spoken woman in a black dress rub oil into your back. What a terrible shame.  

3. Meeting your friends’ friends and relations. Quite often, they’re really cool, which makes sense, because they like you, so the other people they like are probably people you will also like. Sometimes, however, they’re not, and that’s hilarious, and you can spend the rest of your life reminding them of the time their cousin Nancy offered their mum cocaine and then pulled her pants down on the dancefloor in Infernos. Either way it’s win-win.

Friend's lovely friends (not cousin Nancy for defs). 

4. You can’t be on a diet on a hen do. It would be churlish to try, so you might as well just leave the pages blank on myfitnesspal, pretend calories don’t exist for a 48 hour window and gorge yourself on chocolate, wine and afternoon tea. For friendship and feminism. 

5. Sometimes you get to dress up! At the age of 29, unless you were smart and decided to be an architect or a doctor and you’re still at uni (or even smarter, and failed your first year on purpose so you could retake it - repercussions be damned), there are precious little opportunities to go out in a onesie/tiara/superhero outfit anymore without people judging you. A hen do is one of those times, and everyone else is doing it too so you don’t even feel that silly.

6. Playing ‘Mr and Mrs’ and discovering your best friend calls her significant other ‘Pookie Bear’ and that once they had sex on a lawnmower. 

7.  The morning after the night out, when you all pile into someone’s room and lie about in your pyjamas, mildly hungover and laughing at the photos from the night before. Again, this was a constant in my life when I was about 23, but nowadays we all go home and you don’t get these brilliant sleepovers, and I miss them, so a chance to recreate that camaraderie is great.

8. Really, would you ever have attended a cocktail making class, or made flower crowns, or decorated sashes, if you weren’t on a hen do? And admit it – it was fun, wasn’t it? And you kind of felt like you were a creative person after all and should have gone to art college, no matter what your grumpy old art teacher said about 'no vision.' See.

9.  Seeing your bride-to-be friend all happy and glowing, basking in the love of her friends and family all celebrating her upcoming happiness. Having been the bride-to-be myself, I can’t tell you how special it is to know that all these people have taken this time and effort for YOU. It’s actually quite overwhelming and beautiful and it really, really is worth spending £280 to go to a cottage on the outskirts of Scarborough for. I promise.

10. And if that doesn’t make your mind up, once a male colleague of mine got a text prior to a stag do saying ‘Remember to bring some pubes to put in Tommy’s pillow case! BANTER!’ So even if you hate every second of your hen do, at least you never have to go on a stag. That, for me, is encouragement enough.  



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