Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Sixth Scent - The most perfect of perfect candles

Yep, that’s right, this whole blog post is dedicated to a candle. I know, who does that? But I feel like, as you’re going to see this candle on my Instagram probably about once a week forevermore, I’d give it a little credit here too.

Sixth Scent Strawberry Shortcake Candles

This is the Sixth Scent candle in Strawberry Shortcake and – just look at it. It looks like a strawberry milkshake, or a strawberry ice cream sundae, or…just all of those good things in the world. Not only is it beautiful, it also smells amazing – exactly like, err, strawberry shortcake – and the scent payoff is perfect; enough that you can smell it in the room, but not one of those sickly Yankee candles that kind of give you a headache after a while.

And once again, can we look at it?
This is how it comes packaged - err, how beautiful? 

Sixth Scent Strawberry Shortcake Candles
 I found them through an Instagram account that I now, annoyingly, can’t recall, and they’re one of those little companies who deserve so many more followers than they have. You can get these particular candles in several other colours and flavours – Blueberry Muffin and Chocolate Cupcake are calling out to me – as well as a couple of other clever little variations, like ‘Café Latte,’ which comes in a glass cup, and ‘Starbucks Strawberry & Cream Frap,’ which has a little pink straw! And best of all? They’re £6. SIX. POUNDS. Plus delivery, but do you know how cheap that is for a beautiful candle like this – when I’d quite happily drop £40 for a Diptyque one half the size (maybe that’s my issue...)

I really recommend you run and order as many of these as you can, at once – I got mine from Depop but they also have an Etsy shop. Go, go, go!


  1. Can't say much for the packaging, but I'm loving the actual candle, ahhh! I'm wondering if the "whipped cream" on top is solid or not? It looks so delectable, hahaha


  2. I love going on Etsy for creative candles and to support littler brands, this sounds amazing and it's a great price!
    Pretty Mad Things .. xo

  3. Sounds amazing! Can't beat a new candle haul :-)



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