Friday, 20 November 2015

Another 10 Ways To Sneakily Celebrate Christmas Early

One of my most popular posts of all time is  my suggestions on 10 ways to sneakily celebrate Christmas now! It seems like it isn’t only me who starts feeling festive the second the Halloween pumpkins come down, or wants to deck the halls as soon as the fireworks have stopped ringing in my ears. Sadly, we’re still surrounded by Scrooges who moan about how
it’s only November, stop singing Mariah, you are not starring in a Hallmark movie where you're about to quit your high powered job and marry a baker in a small town.


As that post is now two years old, I’ve had a little bit longer to come up with EVEN MORE ways to sneak around these holiday Grinches and start feeling the Christmas spirit, like, now. So without further ado…hide this list from your partner/mum/friends, and start rocking around the (at this stage imaginary) Christmas tree!


Thursday, 19 November 2015

Debenhams Christmas Make Up - #FoundIt

Until last week, I would never have considered Debenhams as the place to go for high end make up. I’ve always wound up buying it online and paying shipping costs, or searching out tiny boutiques in London.

Debenham's #foundit

Earlier this week, I attended a Debenham’s Christmas Party at Mahiki where Debenhams were promoting their #Foundit campaign, which aims to demonstrate the number of Christmas present crises that can be solved by a quick trip to Debenhams.

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