Wednesday, 13 November 2013

10 Ways To Sneakily Celebrate Christmas Now!

If you're a Christmas Scrooge, look away now...

I am well and truly full of the Christmas spirit. To put it in a clich├ęd way, I think it’s the most wonderful time of the year, and I’m already excited.

However, unfortunately for me, I live with a Scrooge. Do you know these people? They say things like ‘but it’s the 12th OF NOVEMBER,’ or ‘You can’t play Christmas music till December,’ or ‘Please take those antlers off, people are looking.’ That kind of thing.

I for example have been banned from decorating the flat until the 1st December. I asked my boyfriend in a wheedling voice if he could maybe compromise a bit and he told me that this WAS a compromise and that if he had his way, we wouldn’t decorate till the 10th (I know. I should break up with him).

Since then, I’ve given up, and instead have devised ways to sneakily celebrate Christmas without him noticing. If any of you have your own personal Scrooge, I’ve given you a couple of ideas below… sssh!

1. Listen to Christmas music…alone
The morning commute is so much cheerier when you’ve got Christmas songs to keep you company, and nobody else knows about it. ‘I’m just listening to my iPhone. What? You think you can hear Mariah Carey? Don’t be silly.’

2. Burning scented candles
At the moment I’m burning Sparkling Cinammon and Sugared Apple by Yankee Candle. Side by side, they make my flat smell like baking mince pies – yum! But they’re just traditional Winter scents, so no one can complain (sadly, you might have to save the one called ‘Christmas Pine Tree’ or whatever till December.)

3. Watching Christmas cookery videos
Everyone’s got a little bit of spare time to watch some Youtube videos – maybe when you’re in the bath (don’t drop your phone in the bath) or when you get up in the morning, and instead of watching the usual nonsense, I’ve been switching over to videos of Nigella Lawson making delectable looking Christmas cookies, or Jamie Oliver showing me how to roast a turkey. It’s so much fun and it makes me feel really warm and cosy inside, as well as excited for the chance to make some of them when December comes around and I’m ‘allowed.' A little bit of anticipation just adds to the fun! (Sidenote - I will not actually make any of these things but I will talk for several months about how badly I want Nigella Lawson's kitchen, which is the size of my flat).

4. Christmas coloured nail varnish
Essie Shearling Darling is made for this time of year and if you're not wearing it you're wasting your life. Unless you're a which case, sorry about that.

5. Christmas themed coffee cups
Starbucks and Costa have now brought out their Christmas themed cups! I love the traditional Starbucks red cups, but I have to admit I do like the different Costa ones this year – the snowman is my favourite, I think – and they just make a cup of tea so much more exciting…

6. A Christmas jumper
Err. OK, this isn’t exactly sneaky. I was allowed to buy this jumper only because my boyfriend and I attended a Christmas themed birthday party last weekend (and this was only acceptable to him because the birthday boy isn’t going to be in the UK for Christmas.) I love it though, and I’m going to try and sneak it into my everyday wardrobe without him noticing. You could probably go for something a little more subtle (maybe red with snowflakes?! OK, maybe I don’t know what subtle is…)

7. Christmas bubble baths
One word: Lush. Go, get the melting snowman, sneak it into the bathroom when no one’s looking and enjoy.

8. Festive food
Maybe don’t dive straight into a turkey or a pile of mince pies or start on the Quality Street just yet, but get some food that reminds you of Christmas. My family always has wine and cheese at Christmas, so last night my friends and I had a little feast of camembert, smoked cheese, some meats and some wine. Or you could just hide a Terry’s chocolate orange under your bed…

9. Insist on going decoration shopping
OK, so you’re not allowed to decorate until 1st December – but that means you need to BUY the decorations NOW, surely? This was my winning argument last weekend which led to me shrieking excitedly at tinsel in B&Q. Going round a garden centre and picking a few bits for the Christmas season might even make Scrooge cheer up a bit, but if it doesn’t or you can't convince them to go, look yourself online – Amazon have some fun bits this year! And if you come home with some singing teddy bears, whose fault is that?!

10. Make your blog Christmassy!
I went for a new festive header and it cheers me up everytime I look at it! Your blog is your own personal space, so no one can tell you it’s too soon. Ahaha.

Hope you all have a lovely early celebration! 
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