Tuesday, 18 June 2013

A Coconut Affair...

If you live in the UK then I'm pretty sure, like me, you've spent the last few weeks dreaming of summer. I sit staring out of the window at the predictably dreary sky, picturing tropical beaches and sparkling sea and white sand. If there's one scent that really encapsulates the smell of summer for me, then it's coconut, so maybe that's why I've been gravitating towards so many coconut products over the last couple of weeks!

coconut body products
Vaseline cocoa body oil & body butter, Boots coconut body wash
The Body Shop coconut butter, Nip & Fab Coconut Latte body butter

As I seem to be somewhat building a collection, I thought I'd do a quick review of my favourites!

The Vaseline cocoa oil and butter have been my favourites for years. I've got two oils - one of them is the new packaging and one is the old, and I can't remember which! The oil is great for wearing on a summer night out because it leaves a real sheen to the skin without being sticky, whereas the butter is a lovely light formula which I enjoy putting on in the morning - it sinks in faster than the oil, but still smells gorgeous.

Vaseline cocoa body oil coconut body products

The Boots coconut body wash is a new purchase; I bought it because I wanted to feel like I'd come straight off the beach when I got out of the shower! Maybe that was a bit unrealistic, but I'm still slightly disappointed with this product - it just doesn't have much of a scent to me, and the gel doesn't lather up particularly well. I remain in the market for a better coconut shower gel or body wash, if anyone knows of one!

nip fab body shop body butter coconut products

Last but not least - Nip Fab v.s. The Body Shop! The Body Shop coconut butter is becoming a bit of a cult product and I can see why. The smell is lovely and the butter is moisturising without being too heavy. However, for me, the Nip Fab butter just has to be the winner here. It's one of my favourite products of the moment - I'm constantly smelling it! Maybe it doesn't quite give me the satisfaction of being on a sunny beach, but it'll do till I get there! 

Do any of you have any coconut recommendations? Don't forget to enter my 100 follower give away - only a few days to go! 
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